About Department of Biomedical Sciences

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Since its establishment the college follows spiral principles in the delivery of education. It is a modular curriculum; where the courses are organized in modules integrating the Biomedical, Clinical, Professional competency (PCD) in the system based modules.

For new innovative medical students the first two years period is Pre-clerkship period when all the biomedical courses(anatomy,physiology,biochemistry,microbiology,pathology,pharmacology,PBL and part of PCD ) is given divided into introduction to medicine module and system based modules. A total of 81 credit hours courses are given under the department of biomedical sciences for NIME medical students.

Department Structure

The department of Biomedical Sciences at Adama Hospital Medical College is one of the big departments under the AHMC. The department is organized into seven course teams or units:

  • Anatomy unit
  • Physiology unit
  • Biochemistry unit
  • Pathology unit
  • Microbiology unit
  • Pharmacology unit
  • PCD--- that runs parallel with biomedical and clinical sciences organized under department of BMD)
  • Problem Based Learning unit

In problem-based learning, the traditional teacher and student roles change. The students assume increasing responsibility for their learning, giving them more motivation and more feelings of accomplishment, setting the pattern for them to become successful life-long learners.

The faculty in turn becomes resources, tutors, and evaluators, guiding the students in their problem solving efforts. The unit is not specific to one subject matter but it drives the students to address all biomedical sciences during their preclinical times based on the original/simulated problem of clinical scenarios. It also addresses public health component and ethical issues regarding the diseases.