About CPD

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About CPD Center at AHMC

Adama Hospital Medical College continuing professional development – center (CPD-center) is established as IST – center in 2014. It is one of the 56 IST- centers that are chosen by FMOH to be IST- Center. It is found in Adama town southeast to Addis Ababa at a distance of about 100kms in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. It delivers different types of training from 2014- 2020 for many Health Workers and health managers starting from its establishment The training center has 2 auditoriums and a syndicate room, it uses rental halls for large-scale training. By the year 2020(2013 e.c.), AHMC CPD-center wants to increase its performance by improving the training center situation. It is planned to increase numbers of halls and refreshment quality for training purpose Currently, the training center is working to improve the learning approach in a more cost-effective and efficient manner through blended training by introducing video conferencing and e-learning platforms. AHMC training center has been working with different partners that include ORHB, FMOH, CDC, MSI-E, IRC, and others. However, the center would like to further strengthen its collaboration and partnership with other partners and professional associations; as this would help the center to contribute to the HTSP goals and strategies by engaging in Continued Professional Development (CPD).


 To give quality and standardized training for health care providers and health managers to improve health care of the nation and make them healthy and productive in their life.


By the year 2023 AHMC CPD-provider will become best national CPD-provider and by the year 2030 AHMC CPD-provider will become one of the best east African Continuing Professional Development-service providers.


  Community first:

·     We are here for nothing but to serve and satisfy our community

·       We treat them as we would like to be treated

·       We have three priorities: Community, Community, Community


·       We work together in sprit of mutual support and understanding to achieve our collective goals.


No matter what challenges we face and discomforts we feel, we stand firm, be patient and exert our utmost and sustained effort to achieve our goals.


·       We innovate new ways of doing things and be open minded to reforms.


·       We ensure maximum vulnerability and integrity to each others

Continued Professional Development

·       Education, professional behavior and ethics, competence and performance in work duties