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Non-governmental medical center established in Adama city in 1946 by American missionaries in the old building that Italian government were using it for the storage of cotton wools earlier. At that time the medical center was both responsible for the clinical treatment and training of health assistants. The contribution of those graduated health assistants from medical center at that time was paramount importance in alleviating existing health problem of that society. But by 1978 the teaching medical center transferred to Haile Mariam mamo memorial Government Hospital at the era of dergue regime where educating health assistant was terminated. The medical center without adequate expansion for a long period of time converted to Adama referral Hospital in 1991and saves the life of many people in Oromai region. By strong government commitment it is inaugurated as Hospital based Medical College in 2011 by the Council of Oromia Regional state Proclamation No. 136/2011 and currently governed by the legislation document. The principal activity of only providing health care now engaged to medical education and conducting research to overcome the current societal problem.