Duties and responsibility

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Duties and responsibility of student dean
  • the administration of College Student Service is to provide for the maintenance of students, including supervision of all activities relating to housing, cafeteria, health care, counseling, guidance and orientation for new intakes;
  • the administration of social and cultural activities for the benefits and personal development of students;
  • the administration of sports and other recreational activities;
  • the administration of all College-wide programs to obtain and provide financial aid, stipends, employment for students;
  • the administration of all personnel matters relating to a particular office, including facilitation of employment of staff;
  • the preparation of student handbooks in cooperation with the College Registrar;
  • the initiation and handling of disciplinary proceedings in consultation with any relevant Program Director;
  • the implementation of any properly decided disciplinary sanctions in consultation with any concerned Program Director;
  • the administration of student organization and overseeing unions, councils, and clubs that operate under the organization;
  • the facilitation of the services provided to the students by other units of the College such as library, registrar, campus, police, academic and administrative departments through playing mediator and advisory role regarding the guidelines and working procedures of these units;
  • the supervision of special activities directed to assist disadvantaged students
  • The administration of an office for foreign students as applicable
  • The promotion of creativity of students in various fields.
Duties and responsibility of students
  • A student of the College is required to be engaged in a sustained and independent pursuit of truth, transmission and application of knowledge, and nation building in a coupled interactive relationship with College scholars. It shall be a student’s primary duty to conform to the academic functions and regulations of the College.
  • Without limitation to the generality of the provisions of the above statement, a student of the College shall:
  • Attend classes, examination sessions, and other forms of instruction or evaluation procedures in line with the policies and guidelines set forth by the College.
  • Accept homework, project assignments, practical attachments, laboratory or field tasks and other forms of engagement intended by an instructor or department to create learning opportunities for the student.
  • Do research that would contribute to the professional growth and benefit the society.
  • Cooperate with the academic department and its staff in running academic functions to meet its objectives.
  • Seek information, assistance, and necessary guidance according to arrangements of consultation and student advising.
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity in behavior and performances
  • Demonstrate self -discipline, respect to others’ ideas, tolerance of differences, and nondiscrimination.
  • Take good care of College properties under possession.
  • Any willful violation of rules and regulations by any member of College community must be reported to the concerned body.
  • Respect for elders, advisors, faculty members and other members of College community.
  • Respect the rights of patients and protect confidentiality of patient information
  • Demonstrate belongingness to the College.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the College